Emanna for 07/08/2019

The Spirit of Life Being the Processed God

Bible Verses

Rom 8:2 For the law of the Spirit of life has freed me in Christ Jesus from the law of sin and of death. (11) And if the Spirit of the One who raised Jesus from the dead dwells in you... 1 Cor 15:45b ...the last Adam
became a life-giving Spirit.

Words of Ministry

Romans 8:2 reveals that God has become the Spirit of life. We may say that the Spirit of life in this verse denotes the processed God. God in Christ has passed through a long process--the process of incarnation, crucifixion, resurrection, and ascension. The very God of Genesis 1 has undergone such a process. We praise the Lord that Romans 8 is not a refrigerator
[full of uncooked food]
; it is our dining table. On the Romans 8 table we have the processed God, for here His title is neither Jehovah nor the Almighty God, but the Spirit of life. Christ is life, but it is the Spirit who gives us Christ as life. Without the Spirit Christ may be life, but Christ as life cannot be given to us. By being the Spirit Christ is imparted into us as life. Today, after being processed, the very Christ is the life-giving Spirit. Now in our spirit we may enjoy this wonderful Spirit. Never forget that Christ is the very God, Jehovah the Savior, God with us. Christ is God. This Christ, after being processed, is now the life-giving Spirit. We have to enjoy Him in His fullness as such a Spirit. Our food is the Spirit. What a rich Spirit this is! Divinity, humanity, love, light, life, power, righteousness, holiness, grace--everything we need is in the Spirit.

Bible verses are taken from the Recovery Version of the Bible and Words of Ministry from Witness Lee. Life-study of Romans, pp. 172-173, 177. Both are published by Living Stream Ministry, Anaheim, CA. (Repeat 5/02/98) Please visit us at www.emanna.com Comments to: comment@emanna.com.